What Our Clients Say

Quotes from our Client Quality Audits and other Letters we have received.

It is extremely important for all of us at the Kaz Companies to hear the opinions and reviews from our Raving Kaz Fans so that we can grow together as a company. It is also extremely important for these opinions and reviews to be shared with future clients when making one of the most important money spending decisions. Take the time and read our Raving Kaz Fans reviews and please, if you are a Raving Kaz Fan share your experience with us by clicking the button below. Any feedback we can get is valuable as we strive to make all our clients Raving Kaz Fans.

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“Our experience with Kaz has been mostly an 11, on a scale of 1-10. Starting with our sit-down with Corey (Project Developer)… he laid everything out for us, was good at getting back to us in a timely manner, answered all questions and tried to give us a close up version, on paper, of what we could expect. We had no questions or concerns going in. Our planning session with Lisa (Selection Coordinator), for bathroom accessories, walls, flooring and lights was interesting. She has the patience of a saint! We were never rushed or badgered in choices. She listened, suggested and was patient with my impatience. Thank you Lisa for sharing your talent in color selection and design, but mostly thank you for being so patient! Once started the project moved on it’s time line. The crew was fun, focused on their job and always open to our questions. We were pleased with the results… quick and clean, no rubble or garbage left around. The Kaz crew were outstanding, in your pyramid of workers, Matt (Leadman) did a great job. Couldn’t ask for a better person… hard worker, good leader, great communicator, never ruffled or off the wall, happy humorous and smart. Keep him, reward him and appreciate him. We have to say ‘Thanks to all’, for meeting OUR deadline, not yours. That was so very appreciated. The addition was for my mother, she had to be out of her home at a certain date. With good weather, workers and manager, Kaz finished at the perfect time. Thank you so much. So Day 1 to Day Finish – Kaz has delivered on their goal, ‘to make every customer a referring customer, someone that is proud to tell other that we help them with their project. We highly recommend Kaz to friends and family. We have already begun the ‘sell’. It has been a pleasure and positive experience for us. Thanks to all, for their cooperation, teamwork, talent, communication, positive attitude and great work ethic!”

  • Mr. and Mrs. Minear
    Orchard Park, NY 
    Addition 2016

“In March of 2016, two members of your crew started a total renovation of my bathroom. What appeared to me to be a daunting task, since everything was original and dated back to the 1960’s, was no real challenge for your workers. Ken and Tom came each day in good spirits and left in good spirits, they worked hard and did a beautiful job. A number of people have come to look at the final job and they all say the same thing, ‘It looks beautiful and I wish I could move it to my house!’. I also have to extend my thanks to Heather (Project Developer). I know I watch too much HGTV and had too many ideas for my bathroom but they were extremely understanding and tremendously helpful throughout the process. I only wish I could take full credit how beautiful it looks, but I know they deserve 95% of the credit, they were a terrific resource. I have to give credit to the office staff in the office. When I would call and ask for help on a question that they were always helpful and were able to answer my questions or direct me to someone who could help me with a specific problem. I have to give special thank you to Justin (Production Coordinator), not only is he very knowledgeable, he is a true goodwill ambassador for Kaz. No question was ever unimportant to him and his main goal was to have a customer that is 200% satisfied with the job. After being a teacher for 45 years at both the college and high school level, I would definitely give Kaz an A+. I may have through, initially, that the job seemsed expensive, but now that the job is finished and other people have voice their opinions and I have had a change to take multiple showered in my beautiful new bathroom, I have to say it is a job WELL DONE!”

  • Mr. Schnobrich
    Depew, NY 
    Bathroom Remodel, 2015

“We were impressed by the professionalism and skill of everyone that worked with us on the project from beginning to end. In particular, Heather (Project Developer) for promptly answering all of my questions and Adam (Leadman) for doing an amazing job on site”

  • Mr. and Mrs. Elvin
    Buffalo, NY
    Kitchen Remodel, 2016

“Great job! Staff was professional and took great care in our home and very mindful of our dog as they were entering and exiting. ”

  • Mr. and Mrs. Minahan
    East Amherst, NY
    Windows, 2016

“Don (Project Developer) was very thorough with his estimate and explained everything very well. Rob (Production Coordinator) was pleasant to work with, and approachable throughout the entire project. Our roofing crew were dedicated and hardworking despite the crazy changes we had in the weather during our project time. Very impressed! They were also very courteous and neat on site!”

  • Mr. Topper
    Amherst, NY
    Roofing, 2016

“I have never worked with such a person as professional as Ken (Leadman). He was so kind and so very helpful and understanding of our needs. He was so amazing when it came to the tile work in our bathroom. He even worked when he was ill! I am truly impressed by his service. Your company is so lucky to have an employee like Ken!”

  • Mr. and Mrs. Snyder
    Hamburg, NY
    Bathroom Remodel 2016

“We couldn’t be more pleased with our beautiful new living room window and sliding glass doors in our dining room. We are getting so many compliments! We paid for quality materials and we got them along with exceptional workmanship. The new wood work is gorgeous and perfect! We just love how they look! The crew was so nice, neat, professional and considerate!”

  • Mr. and Mrs. Kiekbusch
    Tonawanda, NY
    Windows and Doors, 2016

“Thank you for an excellent job. We will really enjot the deck in the summer. Kaz (on many jobs) have helped to make our home a place we love!”

  • Mr. and Mrs. Leiser
    Tonawanda, NY
    Deck, 2016

“The entire team was outstanding! The roofers were especially impressive with dedication to long hours and professionalism, courtesy, etc. All of the team worked well together and I was never worried about the need to be home while the work was being done.”

  • -Mr. and Mrs. Sawyer
    Amherst, NY
    Home Addition, 2016

“I was very pleased with Kaz. They were very knowledgeable and professional. My new roof was completed on time and looks beautiful!! The attention to detail was impeccable. Even the smoke pipe was painted black to match my new roof color! They worked neatly and clean-up was perfect! I will definitely recommend Kaz to my family and friends. They really exceeded my expectations!!”

  • Mr. and Mrs. Zanda
    Orchard Park, NY
    Roofing, 2015