How to Stay on Top of Your Home Improvement New Year’s Resolutions

For some, resolutions are the bane of the new year. For others, they’re an invigorating opportunity to set the tone for the next 365 days. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, chances are, you feel some pressure to make a change. The good news is, resolutions come in many forms. Maybe meditating, meal-prepping, journaling or jogging aren’t your cup of tea, but resolving to give your home some love in 2020 sounds like something you can stick to. In which case, you came to the right place. We’ve got the advice you need to stick to your resolutions, help you make a plan and actually meet your goals this year.

  1. Get serious—give yourself a deadline

Some people start thinking about their home improvement project years before they put concrete plans in motion. If you are one of these people, consider getting serious about making your vision a reality and giving yourself a deadline.

  1. Create a timeline and prepare for any changes to your routine

So, you’ve been dying to remodel your kitchen since 2016 and you’re ready to have it complete before the 2020 holiday season. Projects like this can take two to six months from initial conversations and design plans to completion. Similarly, if you want to enjoy a gorgeous new deck or patio in the summer, you should probably think about breaking ground before March. Talk to your contractor about required time commitments and the ways a major project might change your daily routine so you can prepare to make the necessary adjustments. At Kaz, we’ll always do our best to be mindful of your space and your lifestyle, but remodels and additions inevitably cause a degree of disruption, so it’s best to be as prepared as possible.

  1. Don’t wait to contact your contractors

If you’re ready to get started on your home improvement project, or you have some final questions before forming a plan, don’t hesitate to meet with your contractors to get the ball rolling. The sooner you reach out, the better. Things pick up exponentially after the home show in March, so beat the crowds and contact Kaz today.

  1. Start budgeting as soon as possible

If remodeling your bathroom or building an addition feel like impossible pipe dreams to you, it’s very possible that cost is a prohibitive factor. In that case, make 2020 the year you prioritize budgeting for the improvement you’d like to complete in 2021. Determine the amount you’d need to set aside every month for your project and commit to a budget. Be sure to account for months that tend to be more expensive (those with holidays or vacations) and plan accordingly.

  1. Start small

Maybe you’d like to upgrade the exterior of your home or replace your windows, both of which can seem like daunting tasks. Be specific—pick one element or section of your home and focus your attention there. Instead of replacing all of your windows, for example, replace only those on the front façade this year.

  1. Schedule a mid-year check-in

Commit to checking in with yourself in June. Review your budget and make adjustments as needed. Evaluate where you are on the plan you made in January. Are you on track? Maybe even ready to start another project?

  1. Be honest with yourself and your contractor

Before setting any type of goal, being realistic is essential. When you’re excited about a home improvement project, it can be tempting to bite off more than you can chew. For example, it might make sense to remodel your bathroom and your kitchen at the same time, but it’s also possible that a project of this caliber doesn’t work for your lifestyle. Take each project in stride, understand that your tastes might change throughout the process (and that’s okay!) and make open communication with your contractor a priority.

Whether you’re itching to get started on a project or just want to gather more information before you start planning, Kaz is your partner in all of your 2020 home improvement endeavors. We’ll help you nail down the details and make a plan that works for you so you can crush your New Year’s resolutions, no juice cleanse required.